Monday, July 07, 2008

Herbal Cleaning

I love essential oils. I have a great new source that I am SO happy about. It's local, and the owner, Randi, is helpful, knowledgeable and very accommodating. It is so nice to order so close to home, with no customs to worry about. Her site is Creations From Eden.

I've been building up my supply of Essential oils, and using them to make healthy, safe cleaners for the house. I found great recipes on line here and here and here. Vanessa has a great recipe here for an herbal fruit and vegie wash.

My favorite oils to use in my diffuser are currently Clary Sage and Lemon Grass. I can't get enough!

Like Liam.

He loves it too.

It makes me nuts to watch him enjoying it.

A new oil I just purchased is Rose Geranium. It's heavenly. Such a clean scent, it clears the mind and brightens the mood. I'm using it today in pot of hot water that I hang my sorry, stuffed up head over as I try to clear my blocked sinuses. I can almost smell the goodness as I sniffle and inhale the steamy, scented water. I thig it's hepping a mhit.

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