Monday, July 28, 2008

New Project

Tonight I went to our PHAP meeting, and as always was very inspired. I haven't gone for one reason or another for many months, and Josh and I really enjoyed ourselves. (We have even forgiven the CEO for forgetting about the meeting entirely till she got a call from phapboy.)

Yesterday I found an amazing blog that has prompts for something called "Soul Journaling". I was looking at Lisa and Bev's journals tonight at PHAP, and they just returned from a week long Creative Journaling camp in BC (who wants to bother to try to spell Shuschwap??) and their journals were so exciting and inspirational.

I want to continue with the kind of journaling I started in my composition book. I haven't looked at it in a while and I took it with me tonight and remembered how much I enjoy playing in it.

I want to start arting right away. Sarah Whitmire has a journal prompt for each day and plans on sharing about a months worth of daily exercises. She started on July 13th, so I'm behind the group but I am right on time for my schedule!

Anyone want to join me? Follow the link above, and let me know if you decide to play along. I'll try to post updates here.

In other news, Nialle and Nessa came over so my Mom could meet Ada this afternoon. It's always so nice to have them over; Liam is so much fun!!
Ada is such a little doll. I know that sounds cliche', but it's so true! Liam is all boy, and Ada is all girl! I had such a peaceful, full heart as I sat and held her as she slept. I am so blessed to have them living so close!

The princess.

My mom and her little great-grand daughter.

Liam and his big, goofy, heart melting grin!


Dawn said...

Well you KNOW I'm in! I think I'll continue working in the album that you put my palette paints on the inside cover (remember?). I've started a little bit already in it, but will try to follow a few of the exercises from the blog you linked. Of course you know that I don't follow rules/directions very well, so it should be interesting to see where this takes me. I've been meaning to journal for quite a long time ~ maybe this is the little nudge that'll get me going, eh?

P.S. It's Shuswap .. I used to go to summer camp there every year. *Sigh* I miss BC.

arlene said...

What? You don't follow instructions? I thought it was just me who "doesn't play well with others".

Anyhooo...I'm inspired to interpret this my own way.