Saturday, July 19, 2008

Newest and Biggest Little news

Meet Ada Grace

Ten days...I have a hard time believing that my biggest, best little news arrived Ten Days ago!

Little (though not so little as we feared she might be) Ada Grace arrived on July 9, on her Daddy's birthday!! Of course this news is All About Me! I am Grandma now to a little girl. I waited 26 years for a girl, and Ada is a gift to me.
At least that's how it feels!

She is a little dream too...peachy pink perfect skin, strawberry blond hair, (hair!) long graceful fingers, and a little dimple in her chin when she smiles! And she has lots to smile about...she has the best Mommy and Daddy, and a perfect big brother in Liam. He is already a great helper.

Here he is saying hello for the first time.

And that's a good thing, because this whole week I've not been able to drive the short 1/2 hour trip to her house to help in any way, or to visit and coo and cluck. (Her Daddy was home from work though, and they've all been busy getting to know her.)Yes, I've missed a whole Six Days of the first month of her life! I've been driving the other direction every morning, to deliver her Uncles to Camp Shakespeare. (and yes, I am a little bitter. Thanks for noticing) Not that I didn't visit her three times in the first three days of her life either. *sigh*

Here are her Uncles meeting her for the first time.

Ah well, today is the day. I get to visit her and hold her and deliver to her a package from her Great Aunty Holly, who was in Ottawa when she arrived, and who promptly went shopping and bought, not one, not two or three...but TWENTY FOUR little girl outfits for little Ada! Ha!
(In her defense, there has been quite a string of boys in the family for the last 15 years. She hasn't had much contact with little girlie things since her own two dolls have grown up. Her baby is graduating this year!)

So femininity is set to ensue. And frilliness and pinkness and lace. Not to mention joy.

And picture taking. *ahem*

Just saying. Be aware people...and be warned.


Pam said...

Haven't commented before but absolutely must today to say congratulations. How wonderful.

Karyn/Mom said...

she is beautiful....and you are blessed.