Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More Soul Journaling

I'm having a great time playing with this. I liked the next page a lot. I started with a background spread prepared in much the same way as the others...ephemera glued down and then dry brushed over with white. I aged the pages with a watered down burnt umber, and then wiped it when it was still damp. I loved the look! I'm kind of sad I covered it up, and I forgot to take a photo! Oh well, I will be using this technique again. Thanks Sarah!

I then dug in my bin of magazines that lives behind my couch. I needed to make room in there to store Liam's toys anyway. The pile is growing and the toys need a home. All those trucks and barnyard animals have been wandering the house at will between visits. (He was here today, along with his Mommy and little sister, who had a Dr check up in town. He was most taken with his Uncles, and his Uncles fish....don't tell but they're buying him a fish for his birthday!)

So..where was I? Oh yes, magazines....

Look what else I found in the pile! My seester Cheryl brought these to me last Thanksgiving when she visited from Ottawa. They make me feel very patriotic.

So...magazines...scissors....and a list. I loved this part! I snipped the 1" squares and arranged them on my beautiful background and used gel medium to stick everything down. I don't really like gel medium. It makes everything rough and a bit sticky, but I decided I wanted a bit more texture this time.

I later went back to this page (after completing the next spread) and dry brushed a pretty blue around and a bit over the squares.

I then added some words, scribbles, lines and dots in black ink over the blue. I like the way it looks.

That's all for today. Thanks for taking the time to peek. Now I'm off to check out some other Journals from Sarah's list. I'll be sure to say hi!


Dawn said...

Cool! I did this page too .. now I just need to find the charger for the camera so I can take some photos! This is so much fun .. of course I'm not following all the suggestions, but still getting the gist of the idea behind the "assignment." Looking forward to seeing more of your pages. I think you deserve a gold star for your work in your journal :)

Lara Lorelei said...

Oh wow, I read your comment about me pages (thank you)see exactly what you mean! I chose blue for it's soothing influences too!

Best, Claire x

Karyn said...

I'm going use this website - I've always wanted to do an illustrated journal but was afraid to start...this should give me a kick in the pants and some inspiration.

Maybe I'll even post my pages.... maybe

arlene said...


Funny how that works isn't it? I wonder who else chose the same shade of lovely?

Which of your listed blogs is the Soul Journal on> I lost it?

arlene said...


It's a lot of fun! I think you'll love it even if you don't share. I'd love to see if you do share too!


Apron Thrift Girl said...

These posts of yours on soul journaling is fascinating. I've never heard of this term before but I am very drawn to it. I look forward to reading more of your entries.