Monday, July 21, 2008

Poisoning ourselves.

Look at this list...

"Dr. Benjamin Asher provided the following information regarding products that contain formaldehyde or FRP's which can cause eczematoid-type dermatitis, headache, or symptoms of asthma. He pointed out that aspartame converts to formaldehyde and children are particularly sensitive to this compound. Some products that were listed in an article from Pediatric Annals 36:1, January 2007 were:
These contain formaldehyde:

Shampoo: Avon Kids 2-in-1 Super Gentle Shampoo for Normal Hair, Avon, Dove Shampoo, Extra Volume, Unilver, Johnson's Baby Shampoo, Softwash Baby Shampoo, Kissably Baby Soft, Johnson & Johnson

Avon Kids Super Gentle Conditioner, Detangler, Avon, Dove conditioner, Intense Moisture, Unilever, Nizoral A-D Non-medicated Daily Conditioner, Janssen Pharmaceutica

Hair Gel:
Avon Kids Super Gentle 2-in-1 Soft Styling Gel, all hair types, Avon, Dove Shape & Lift Volumizing Gel, Unilever so multiplicity discipline smoothing gel, Innovative Styling Options

Baby Wipes:
Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes, Unscented Kimberly-Clark Huggies Newborn Baby Wipes, Fragrance Free, Kimberly-Clark Pampers One-ups, Baby Wipes with Aloe, Alchohol Free, Proctor & Gamble

Flintstones Children's Complete Multivitamin Chewable Tablets, Bayer; Centrum Kids Complete Vitamins, Chewable Tablets, Wyeth, One-a-Day Kids Scooby-Doo Multivitamin plus Calcium, Chewable Tablets, Bayer."

I have not checked the accuracy of this list. If you have any information on formaldehyde in products marketed for children, please forward it to me in the comments section. This seems straight up criminal to me!

Happily, I found Creations From Eden, a local mom who sells wonderful, natural products, cleaners and shampoos. I really like the shampoo and conditioner.


Karyn/Mom said...

Johnson's Baby Shampoo??!!! That would mean that generations of us had our hair washed with formaldahyde!

Maybe that explains a few things. LOL.

Going to check out the Eden shop.

arlene said...

Ya' think we'd be more well preserved, wouldn't ya'?

Tell Randi at Eden that I sent you. She's super helpful!

Vanessa said...

Very eerie. I personally think it's criminal how toxic baby products are! I have to wonder what kind of health problems our babies will have because of the things we put on their skin!

arlene said...

I know. How can companies continue to get away with this? Every bar of soap we use seems to have poisons in it...what are the cumulative effects? N

Randi Carr said...

Hey Arlene, thank you for the spot :) I finally noticed... silly me, I do lurk here once in awhile.

And yes our everyday cleaners, cleansers, shampoos, etc are doing us no good. It's sad... the worst culprit being our laundry detergent as we wear it all day, sleep on it at night... Fabric Softener being really bad (switch to Borax, it's softer and better for you).

Get to know your ingredients... and then STAY AWAY from some of them... you'd be amazed what makes up alot of things... most people have never touched actual soap... it is detergent... a seperate species all together... and rather sad.