Friday, October 05, 2007

We All Do Our Part...

Liam spent the day helping us rid the house of dust bunnies. He came for the day while Mommy subbed for a teacher. Uncle Levi had cheerfully vacuumed the floor so Liam would not have to spend the day crawling around looking for crumbs and wayward bits that might be on the carpet. Which he would be forced to "deal with".

Liam really liked the vacuum cleaner, and like a true boy decided it looked remarkably like a Harley. He decided to take it for a test drive. But like a real biker, he had to keep his machine in pristine condition.
Grandma was a little distracted with the phone call Josh was having in the background, but still she was able to film, talk and swoop in to remove the fascinating bit of fuzz from Liam's Disposal System.

I think we'll stick with the vacuum cleaner. I'm sure his Mom will appreciate that.


Kathleen said...

Ha! That is very funny! You're quite the multi-tasker, though!! ;)

Karyn/Mom said...

LOL Good thing you have Liam around to keep things clean!

Diane said...

Liam went for a motorbike ride the other day with Grandpa Farm. I guess he's figuring now that anything that has a motor on it is meant to ride.
He's too cute!