Sunday, October 21, 2007

Be a Maker, not a Consumer

Madeleine L'Engle insisted she was not a consumer. That word was distasteful to her. She said "fire consumes; cancer consumes".

Wendy Tremayne says ""There is no creativity in consumerism… makers don't make good consumers. The less you know, the less you can make, the more you're going to buy."

I'm kicking around this idea. I love the concept and I know people who are interested. Should I go for it?


Dawn said...

You know how I feel about this idea ~ go for it :)

Vinj&Kath said...

Seems like a serious mysterious idea. Or is it just making most everythig you use? If so I am totaly for this idea,you just have to watch a few documentaries about wal-mart, majour industries, slave labour, unfair trade, and ya just realise there is almost nothing you can buy knowing it was made with someone else getting seriously used. Plus consumerism is so bad now, girls don't even know how to cook anymor! :)

Anyway, would like to hear more about this idea of yours.


arlene said...

Check out the Swap-o-rama-rama links. It's a huge clothing swap where you re-make clothes, alter clothes, make jewelery and just swap instead of buying. It's an anti-consumerism/anti-established fashionista lifestyle choice. Make more and buy less. The founder lived a year without currency..that is she did nothing that cost money for a whole year!! (I don't know how she ate). Very over the top, but so fascinating to me. Her point is that besides saving the earth and the innocent, we should be seeking ways to let our individualism shine, rather than letting the fashion industry tell us what is trendy this week.

Kathleen said...

Which part? The Swap-o-rama-rama or the living w/o currency?

arlene said...

Check out the swap links. It's counter culture attitude, and the fashion expresses a rather grunge ethic (that part is not so appealing to me), but the idea behind it is really fresh and true.

Stacy said...

This is a very inspiring idea! And a value I wish to teach my children. We are trying to be a 'handmade-heartmade home'...going to our talents and developing our creativity to provide for our wants and needs.

red neck liber said...

I like the idea but I would like to know how she did the dentist with out money?
In My community we have a yearly clothing exchange and it is usually a big hit. We don't have sewing machines and fashion shows now that would be fun.
We should have a Lber Swap o rama rama. Books could be included... hahaha. Ok I need to feed my kids now. Arlene thanks for this post.

arlene said...

Liber-rama-rama...we had one at the Lyceum...but we didn't call it that...You're BRILLIANT! Next time we will!