Sunday, October 21, 2007

Evolution of a tree from my kitchen window

It's a grand day. Sunny and clear and crisp. I love fall!

My kitchen window looks out onto the most beautiful big tree. It's huge, and has wide spreading branches that beg to be climbed. (It can keep on begging me all it wants...I'm staying down here with the camera!)

Here is the evolution of a tree over the course of the last month...enjoy!

This is the tree as it looked a month ago.

A week later it was transformed to this...(can you see the boy in the tree? It's enough to give the mother a real bad case of hiney clench!)

Isn't this brilliant? OK, I'm calm again...

Ack! There's another one up there!!

Oh Lordy! Now the boy has the camera and is taking pictures that give me vertigo as well as instilling deep terror for their lives!!

That's better! Everyone is safe on the ground. And will be here for quite some time. It could take weeks to clean up these leaves!

Though if they make this little pumpkin happy, I'll keep them around.


Vinj&Kath said...

That is soooo awesome! you should put the sequence into ittle frames!

And hey if you took some of our enviromental/organic gardening courses, you would have learned leaving your leavs on the ground is actually so much better for your law in the long run! Maybe Liam already knows that:) heehee

Karyn/Mom said...

great photos, Arlene! I love the one from up the tree, but crocs don't seem to be the best tree-climbing shoes to choose. Speaking from a safety point of view, of course. :)

arlene said...

No kidding! Drives me crazy! When I saw this photo I was horrified. He just climbs up there like he's walking to the mail box and doesn't think anything of it. I finally got him trained to TELL me when he's going up so if he fell out at least someone might notice he was missing sooner rather than later. (He's up 30 ft or so.)

Karyn/Mom said...

Boys have been climbing trees forever! Cain and Able probably climbed trees and gave their mother the first grey hairs of creation. The fact that he climbs so nonchalantly does not neccessarily mean he is not being careful - it means he is confident, which is better than being fearful. Tell the boys that there are trees here that they should be able to hear shouting at them from all the way up in Alberta to "come climb me!!!" I'm going to try find one that I can take a good photo of to send to them....these trees are truly magnificent, with huge, climbable branches that go up so high, even Josh might be a little nervous.