Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It Is Well.

Here's Why...

My Daniel,...Mr Wonderful. He adores me, works hard for us, and loves to make me happy. He really deserves a white horse.

The leaves scattered and piled in my back yard...golden and crisp and fragrant; rustling underfoot as I walk through my garden.

My family; growing and capable...a grown son and daughter in law whom I am honoured to call my friends, and my little Liam, a brilliant spot even in my dark days.

The friends; the beautiful friends that I have, who encourage me, support me, are transparent with me, and who accept me as real and flawed and often wrong, but love me through and in spite of it all.

The wonderful news that my Dad is feeling strong and happy and energetic...a true miracle!

A house that holds a family, and friends, and has room for all. We had 18 for Thanksgiving and did not feel crowded. Cozy; yes, but not cramped!

The excitement of finding my muse to make a special gift for 13 of the most artistic people in the universe. (No pressure there). To even think of mass producing something causes me to panic...but I am loving what I dreamed of, literally, as I was relaxing in my bed, half awake. Each one is unique and a little different.

The grand opening of the Lyceum this Friday and the doors that will open to our home education community.

My parents, married 53 years and always there for all of us.

The new project the boys are so engrossed in! Sports for the Mind!

My 13 year old who attended the forum for our municipal elections tonight and listened to the speeches of 14 candidates because he cares about his neighbourhood. And then he said it was very interesting!

Vinyl Cafe...laugh out loud one moment, blinking back a tear the next. (Why don't we have more words like bittersweet to describe an experience like this?) If you're not Canadian, get to a radio or pick up a book. It'll make up for having to wait so long to celebrate Thanksgiving. What's not to love about something with the motto "We may not be big, but we're small!"
Did I mention it's Canadian?


linda woods said...

Reading your post made ME feel good, too!
Thanks for visiting our blog and sharing your lunch with us :) We don't have Coffee Crisps here in the USA but they are my all time favorite candy bar!

Vinj&Kath said...

arlene, what a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your heart and love for so many things!

you are beautiful,


Karyn/Mom said...

A good reminder to be thankful everyday for the wonderful blessings God has given us.

Diane said...

It is so good to say it is well, sometimes even when there are dark days.
Glad to hear that things are well with your Dad, every day is a gift as I'm sure you are realizing.

swapon said...

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