Sunday, October 07, 2007

Back to "Normal"

Well, after 5 months of Cable TV, (AKA Crapple TV!) which we signed on for when they offered it to us at a ridiculously low introductory rate, we have unsubscribed. I did not get hooked on any shows, did not succumb to the "Ugly Betty" craze...(what is THAT about? Every second billboard is pushing that show down my throat! I watched 5 minutes and all I have to say is "why bother?")
The boys were definitely hooked on History Channel's "Lost Worlds" and Discovery's "Myth Busters". They are really great shows, and I'll miss them just a little.

Why can't I just sign up for the channels I want? Why does the package with the above two channels also have the awful, horrid adult one that I accidentally flipped to one night to avoid a commercial? I mean, it's ONE CHANNEL away from Discovery! Even with Digital you have to buy Basic crap too! What? Why? Who's idea was that?? I mean, most people don't actually watch the commercials, do they? I mean, if you watch TV? Don't you get a couple shows going and hope that the commercial breaks don't overlap? I had a system. I could watch Food TV and Jamie (OK, I'll admit I'll miss my Jamie), and some Home show at the same time. (My attention span does not extend to embrace commercial viewing). Well, instead of flipping from 32 to 51 I just hit the "down" button and got a horrified eyeful of something no one should ever have to see from the comfort of their living room. Or Planet Earth.

I canceled the Cable. I would like to be connected to the good stuff, but not at the cost of reality. 'Cause that stuff ain't real folks!

We rearranged the family room today. Moved chairs back to the cozy Library corner, instead of having them all oriented toward the Shrine to St. Shaw.
Six years with no TV; 5 months with "the Works"; now back to "Normal". It's not just a setting on the dryer folks, it's life spent facing each other.

Levi's new Amp and Guitar Practice area.

Guitar's workout area. (Spoiled guitars! A whole treadmill to help them keep those hourglass figures!)

Zoot the Cat's workout area.

My workout new KingKong massage chair from my wonderful MOM!! A gift for NO REASON!

Books/games/cozy up with a warm beverage favorite!


Kathleen said...

"Shrine to St. Shaw"!! That's hilarious!! Now I've spat all over the computer screen!

Karyn/Mom said...

oh, the lovely reality of life without television. I have satelitte but you know, it is rarely on, and when it is, we can't seem to find anything to watch. (Except for Sunday afternoons - NASCAR)

I love your reading/games corner! Maybe when my library is finally finished i can put a couple comfy chairs in there in which to curl up and read. ho hum, will it ever be done? WHOA! I'm a poet! LOL

Keep me up to date on how much difference that chair makes for you! If it is, indeed, the "magic" ingredient that has helped you to live life without aches and pains the last week or so, i want to let Adelle in on your secret.

Have a great Thanksgiving! As soon as we have more specifics, we will be letting you know and we will want to try and get together with you guys before we leave.

Love you!

Diane said...

Yes, your cozy reading area looks much more inviting than a Shrine to St. Shaw!!
I'm in the midst of rearranging our family room area again, this time to accomodate a rather large drum set. Yes, Nethanel said himself that being musically inclined can be a curse at times.

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