Saturday, July 21, 2007

Food Crush

I LOVE Food TV! It's one of my guilty little secrets. Daniel and I often watch Iron Chef America before going to bed. As a confirmed Foodie, I find I love to try out the simple, FAST ideas I see executed in Kitchen Stadium. I love fresh and fast.

Now I do like Bobby, with all his southern charm, and Iron Chef America is on at a time of day where I don't feel guilty turning on the tube, but my ultimate Food Crush is Jamie Oliver.

I don't know what it is, but I swoon at his cooking, his garden, his cute accent, and the amazing fresh food he throws together in his outdoor kitchen! I love the's glorious in design...a beauty and a wonder to behold. (OK, maybe I've gone a little far, but honestly don't you agree? It's all about the SHOW ladies... after all Jamie is a child...he kind of makes me think of my son Nialle, another Food Nerd, if HE had a TV show)

So, last night, after working HARD all day, we were famished. We have been living outside, where it's shady, cool and comfy. We come in the house only to sleep and shower on the days when Daniels off. Fresh is THE only way to go, and Jamie *sigh* had cooked up a beautiful fresh roasted tomato and sausage and fresh herb concoction ( yumm!) in his outdoor kitchen on the previous day. (I was right THERE people, living vicariously through the boy!)

Daniel loves the show too, and so when it was supper time, off we went to get fresh Italian sausage, some baby zucchini, and a great crusty loaf. Fresh basil, fresh tomatoes from the garden, a nice fruity olive oil, sea salt, lots of whole garlic cloves...and a little balsamic vinegar to finish it was HEAVEN!!
What a brilliant way to end a magnificent day!


arlene said...

Oh, and I almost forgot...I threw in some chunky cut yellow peppers and portobello mushrooms too. Divine.

Karyn/Mom said...

Living outside is great, is it not? I really enjoyed my summer of outside living. You, though have the advantage of indoor plumbing.

Karyn/Mom said...

Oh, can I come for supper after the next food show episode?

arlene said...

Come on down! I ain't Paula Dean but I can rustle up somethin'!