Saturday, July 21, 2007

Made in the Shade

My shady backyard garden was in sore need of some TLC. This is what we did yesterday...

This is a simple way to clean up and keep weeds out of an area where I don't really grow anything. The wood chips look a little garish at first, but they do mellow to a nice earthy grey in a year or so.

The boys helped out, and this scarecrow-ish looking chap spread the chips out after Levi shoveled and delivered them by the wheelbarrow load.


Karyn/Mom said...

So you just lay newspapers? is that instead of weed mat?

arlene said...

Yes, I just use a thick mat (6 or so sheets) that I soak in a tub of water first. This helps them cling to the ground and not blow away. It works better than the weed mat that I've used.