Saturday, September 29, 2007


September is a beautiful month. I love it! My dear friends Pat and Linda celebrate their birthdays, as does my gorgeous MOM. Happy Birthday Mom!

I love the newness of so many things in September...a new season, a new school year...the scent and sight of harvest.

Here are some of my September moments. I want to savour every one!

Nessa made Pat's Birthday cakes...Grandma B's recipe and Nessas special frosting...YUM.

Josh and I worked hard on our shed after the help getting the foundation done. He's a handy guy, just like his Grandad.

I don't WANT to fill it with junk! I want to have a party in it!

The September light is exquisite.

Here's a busy boy and his Great Grandad...he's just WAY to busy to hold still for a photo!


Diane said...

I know what you mean, Arlene,
Fall is my favorite time of year. yesterday we went out to the field Miles was combining in the early evening for "supper on the tailgate". The smells, the setting sun, the crispness in the air, and a pot of good soup was just divine!

Kathleen said...

September does feel like the start of the year. I think the Jews have it right with Rosh Hashana!