Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What's new around Hair....

My Dad is going through chemo, and he and my Mom have been back and forth from their home to mine a lot.
I see them every week, so I didn't see too much of a change...except that he's lost a lot of weight. Until I looked at these pictures. There is one of my Dad and I at the lake last summer; he was teaching me how to fillet fish. I've never been crazy about fishing, but last summer I discovered how much fun it is! He even taught the boys and I how to make our fish appear as large as possible in a photo
...hold it out towards the camera!

Vanessa made my Dad this crazy, Mohawk hat to wear to his appointments, or just to make him smile. His hair is falling out and he's upset about that. Considering the fact that his Dad lost all his hair as a very young man, and none of his children ever saw their father with hair at all, I was surprised. Which is insensitive of me...his hair is a symbol of the fact that he is sick, and of course it would bother him.

But the hat did make him smile, and the fact that Vanessa made it especially for him brought him happiness.

We are all looking forward to going to the lake this summer for our annual camping trip. Mom and Dad actually bought a new trailer that has a bigger, more comfortable bed. We have our trusty tent. We are trusting and believing that Dad WILL be well, and that our trip will be as sweet as ever. Now we just have to wait for this snow to melt!

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Karyn/Mom said...

The hat is priceless! What a special thing for Vanessa to do - she knew Grandpa would like to have a good laugh!

Still praying for all of you - especially Mom and Dad.

Love you!