Thursday, April 05, 2007

15 years with my Best Friend

15 years ago I lived in Castle Downs. I had a 10 year old son, a rental condo, and a little Nissan Micra car.

Daniel and I had been dating for 4 years and had survived my moving away for a new job, and moving back when I had to give it up.

We were in debt over a failed business venture. A LOT in debt.

One day, a Thursday evening, we decided to get married. Just like that.

On Saturday, April fourth, it was snowing and blizzarding. My friend Kandis came over to see me, baked a wonderful carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and decorated it with some fresh flowers. Then we went shopping for a wedding dress. (That raised some eyebrows in the stores we visited...but I found a perfect outfit! )

Fran made a bouquet of roses; cream and coral...and tied them with a beautiful silk ribbon.

Lisa lit a fire in her fireplace, put a lunch together and acted as best man.
Kandis was maid of honour.

That evening, by candlelight, and with Bette Midler singing "The Gift of Love", Nialle gave me away to Daniel. (poor Nialle; he was kind of shell shocked at the suddenness of it all!)
We went to the boardwalk to The Old Spaghetti Factory for our celebration dinner.

Because we just did it so fast and didn't have the time leading up to our wedding to sear the date into our brains, for years Daniel and I were confused over our actual anniversary date.
I thought it was the 5th; he thought it was the 2nd. (We both often wondered if it wasn't actually April Fools day!! LOL)
I found our marriage license in a box in the garage a couple years ago and we discovered we were both wrong. It 4th.

We are celebrating our anniversary tonight, a day late, but that is rather appropriate, No?

This photo is from that summer before we got married. No wonder I was so distracted!


Karyn/Mom said...

Woo Hoo! What a hunk!

(The guy standing up is pretty good looking too.) LOL
No, really.....

I have never heard what you actually did for your wedding - wish I was there in more than spirit. What wonderful friends you had/have to make your sudden wedding day so special!

I am so glad you finally know what day your anniversary is! (At least you've always known it was April and you knew the year.)

I've always loved that photo of you guys at your wedding. Who took it? Who married you? Ron?

It has been a privilege to see you and Dan grow together over the last 15 years.

arlene said...

They are both pretty good lookin' aren't they! I was/am blessed to have these two great men in my life...and then it got even better!

We were married by a J.P...the first one on the list who was not busy that day.

Ron did a marriage ceremony at the church a couple months later as he was not "pastor-ised" yet when we got married.

You and Jim have been there for the two of us all along, through thick and thin (and good thing too!! LOL)

15 years. wow.

arlene said...

By the way "annon"...those are some honkin' biceps!


Karyn/Mom said...

I always said you have great taste, Arlene! :)

Karyn/Mom said...

Hey, BTW! If you two are going to post little "love notes" on here, the least you could do is have Daniel identify himself! LOL