Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Little Bird

Just an observation of patient and her husband on 2nd balcony; from 3rd floor at Royal Alex hospital.

Such a little woman, and birdlike. Tiny face overwhelmed by beak and bright eyes.
Wings flip out and in; little claws close and open, then scritch-scratch at feathery hair.
Tiny bones; probably hollow. Delicate and careful. Beautiful.
Aware of everything, yet self absorbed.. Tipping her thin throat up, and back, to drink a tiny drop of water. Waiting, waiting. Ready to fly away if it weren't for the bars of this earthly cage.
Alas, no song.

I carry a little handmade journal with me all the time, for those moments when I see something that just touches me. I try to have a gluestick and a pair of scissors with me too, so I can do a collage, or just stick in a label or ticket or bit of ephemra from this amazing everyday journey.

It's usually the little things that I observe that really make an impression.
The day I did this I was taking a break from sitting in my Dad's hospital room (he's home now) and I went to sit on a balcony in a common area of the hospital and just watch the drama around me. It's everywhere, especially in a hospital. I had a couple of magazines too, and someone had left a newspaper on the table beside me. Perfect for ripping and clipping...very unplanned.

I saw a couple sitting together; she was in a wheelchair, he was busy on his cell phone. It was very touching and I had to jot this down.


Karyn/Mom said...

Arlene, you are such a gift.

You inspire me in so many ways. :)

Stacy said...

How beautiful Arlene - the collage and your words. Thank you for sharing a part of you.
Stacy (feeling uplifted and inspired)