Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Major Award!

This my friends is a cake....
and THIS, is the "Phapper of the Year Award".

I was the recent recipient of this highly coveted, never before bestowed trophy.
Why was I so honored, you ask?

The said Cake.
That's right, cake.
CHOCOLATE cake to be exact. (as if there's any other kind).

It was PHAP's 2nd birthday, and I made a cake for the auspicious occasion.
Well, with a room full of women and hungry young men, (and without Rae the Nutman there to indulge our sweet teeth), I was immediately propelled to instant fame and glory. As they carried me around the room on their shoulders, shouting and cheering I knew I finally had it cinched.

Artistes and chocolate are a natural, winning combination.

So though I'm a little late in posting the proof, I knew I had to immortalize the occasion, and it was now or never.

Because the "Phapper of the Year Award" is, of course, awarded every month.
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Karyn/Mom said...

A new trophy!

lovely. and congrats! I know how much you wanted to win it. :)

Kathleen said...

That made me smile :)

arlene said...

Kathleen, you should come out to a PHAP meeting. It's very inspiring (if a little silly).
Meetings are the last Monday of the month.
Phapboy has a bonsai class this month so we won't be there, but you could ask Lisa E to accompany you if you're free!

Dawn said...

Priceless, Diva!