Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Is this our girl?

My sweet little niece is famous! Well, famous in our corner of the world.

She did a photo shoot for Eveline Charles, where she is a student at the downtown campus, and she ended up on the companies posters all over Edmonton Center, and on the website here.

I almost didn't recognize her, even though I went to the site today, looking to see if she had made it to the world wide web.

She looks like she could be on the cover of Vogue...but I don't wish that on her, and I am pretty sure that is not her goal in life. This was strictly a fun photo shoot for her.

So, don't you think she takes after her aunty? Ha Ha Ha! (she's the one on the left)

Actually, she's a pretty even combo of my beautiful baby seester and her charming and handsome hubby Randy. AND, her little sister, who could also grace the cover of any magazine on the planet!

Brains and's all in the genes, folks!


Anonymous said...

What a knockout! She grew into a beautiful young lady. And, I hear from you that she is a sweet girl, as well.

(I always get the names of Holly's girls mixed up - is this Taylor? Melissa? something totally different?)


arlene said...

This is Melissa, and you're right, she IS a sweet girl! Same goes for Tayler, both ways!!


Anonymous said...

How does this happen, I mean how does someone find out about these photos shoots. Do you apply? Do they just find the girls? Pondering...

arlene said...

In this case Melissa was asked by the owner of the school she attends (Eviline Charles Academy) if she would be a model for their new ad campaign. This is the second time she's represented them. She never actively went looking for modeling opportunities.