Saturday, February 10, 2007

Book Binding class...The sequel

Today a group of us met at the Library to once again try our hand at creating hand made books.
It went a little quicker this time, because most of us had the basic technique down from last week. We did have two new artists, but they caught on very quickly, and enjoyed the process as much as the product. The product being beautiful, one-of-a-kind books, embellished with fibers, charms, beads and buttons; nothing to sneeze at!

After the class, most of us came back to my house for a potluck of epic proportions. (Oh the flavours!!)

The boys had stayed back at home with their favorite Genius, Daniel E, (fearless leader of B.O.G. -the monthly meeting of a Bunch Of Genius's) who tuned up our computer and led the boys in a mind boggling afternoon of Lego Mindstorm robotic wars, weaponry construction, and other decidedly inventive activities. The boys had one word they kept repeating as they told us all the brain calisthenics they had participated in...He's a GENIUS!!! (Well, isn't that what I just said?)

The artistes, meanwhile, were upstairs sipping herbal tea, listening to relaxing music, sharing heart-tales of faith and fears overcome, nibbling on nutritious and delicious was a retreat from the absolute into the possible, and I am so much richer for it. I know this is what it means to be in fellowship.

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