Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Day 7 Magic!

Here we are at the half way mark. It's day 7 of the countdown to Valentines day, and I have another beautiful gift to show off.

I'm so excited, it's my first altered domino! It was made by Amy Huff. Wonderful art really warms up these cold February days. Thank you Amy, it's very beautiful!

It's snowing big fluffy flakes, and we have a cold east wind. I'm happy to stay inside and enjoy my art. Josh got out the polymer clay and we worked on making little charms for swaps we are signed up for on ICE.

Even Levi, who NEVER goes near a glue stick, joined the fun. It's so inspiring each day to open these small, lovingly crafted gifts from so many far away artists. It encourages us all to be more creative.

I hope you're all feeling the love in your heARTS!

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seancarter said...

Hey these are wonderful...thanks for haring've really done a great job...well hey i'd also like you visit my blog sometime and check out some of the cool things i've posted there for Valentines Day