Sunday, February 21, 2010

Story Time with Liam

One of the really great perks of being a Grandma is that I now have stories read to me. Liam and Ada were here this week and story time was so much fun. We were sitting on the couch and Liam picked up a book (it was a program from the Citadel...Josh went to see Sweeny Tod) and said "Oh, this is my favorite book. I've had it for five years!" He cracks me up.
The video is really bad on this, but the audio is so sweet. Liam didn't know we were recording and as a result he was much less self-conscious.
Notice Liam's new hair cut. It wasn't exactly supposed to look like this, but things happen...haha. He was too shy to show Partner his haircut and hid in the bathroom because he thought Partner would laugh. (You know what? I think he looks adorable. His eyes look so big and expressive!)

I also have projects to show but they are for a certain birthday girl who's party I missed, so I can't post them yet.


Dawn Supina said...

"Hey that's me!" (Loved that line ~ very cute Liam story) ... and this is "Birthday Girl" reporting for duty. You made something for meee?! Oh, I can't wait to see what magnificent marvels you've created. I'm so excited. We've gotta get together for tea soon ~ it's been far, far, too long!

P.S. It was great to read your blog post .. been missing them!

Kim Mailhot said...

So sweet, Grandma ! Thanks for sharing the sweet boy with us. Big Love to you !

Karyn said...

Oh, I miss seeing Liam....almost as much as I miss you!

Call me!

Kathleen said...

"Hey! That's me!" Priceless!