Sunday, March 07, 2010

Marrow for Mike Fund Raiser

Here are some of the prizes for the fundraiser for my brother.

These are baskets I made up with the beautiful products made by the Creations From Eden swap group. They looked so gorgeous in the baskets, and the bidding was fierce.

This basket was mostly baby products from Autumn and Sage. I did it in a mini suitcase, and all the future grandmas at the sale were in a bidding war for it.

A friend of a friend ended up with both of these. I am still jealous!

I'm so thrilled with the enthusiasm of the community, and with the generosity of people who donated prizes, bid on items, and supported my brother. We're counting the days till the transplant. It's happening on April 1st. The secret fund raiser project has been revealed to him, and I honestly don't know which means more..the $40,000 raised, or the outpouring of love and support from so many wonderful people.
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Karyn said...

The money is just a symbol of the love and support so you cannot separate them.

We're contining to pray for Mike's full recovery - and that he recognises God's love for him and falls in love with Jesus in return.

Dawn Supina said...

What a beautiful expression of love for your brother. Who wouldn't want a beautiful gift basket assembled by you? I'm sure Michael was blown away by the support of his family and friends!

arlene said...

Karyn you are so right. The difference in Michael's attitude to his situation since he found out the scope of his support system is amazing.
Dawn, I was obviously inspired by you when making up the baskets..I asked myself..."what would Dawn do?" LOL

Kim Mailhot said...

Doing what ever we can when a loved one is suffering or in need of help just feels so right. This was an amazing campaign ! So glad you gathered the funds necessary to get your Bro. the treatment he needs. Keeping you all in my loving prayers. beautiful One !