Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hand Made Something

I've been wanting to get lots of stuff made and it just hasn't been happening. I joined the gym a few weeks ago, and that is one great thing that is taking my time and energy that I will not cmplain about.
At Christmas time I did get a few gifts made. Then my sewing machine stopped working. My sister got it fixed up right when she was here visiting. It seems the bobbin thread was too loose. Who knew?

Anyway, I did make some bags as gifts before it quit. I wanted to make a bunch more. My "crap" room, as Liam has innocently and hilariously dubbed my craft/computer/studio room is clean and it is calling me. What is stopping me?

This is a bag I made for a sweet friend...little Maya, the youngest member (mascot?) of The Tempest crew. She was at every rehearsal and was front and center at all of the performances. When everyone in her family ordered silk screened T's from Josh of his original Tempest design. we really wanted to make one for her too. However it proved impossible to find her size in a plain, white cotton T. This was my solution. I sewed a smallish denim bag from thrifted fabric I got at the Re Use center, and lined with a pretty multi colour stripe from my stash.
Josh had done a test run of the screen on some plain cotton muslin, and I used the resulting print as a big pocket on the outside of the bag. Reports came back that Maya adored her one-off, and used to to carry stuffy pals Kanga and Roo with her.

I made three other really nice bags too. My seesters Holly and Cheryl got bags, as did my Aunt. For hers I made a sturdy denim with another of Josh's silkscreened designs. It was of a photo of the mission in Loretto Mexico from our family road trip down the Baja we did for Cheryl's 50th a couple years ago. Great memories, and my Aunt loved it. She was in Hawaii for Christmas and was thrilled to have a new tote to haul all her stuff to the beach.

No photos of the other bags. Ooops.


Dawn said...

I love the bag ~ another awesome way to use Josh's silkscreens, eh? It's great to see you posting on your blog again too!!

JackandStephenrule said...

She loves that bag so much! Thanks for making it! It's beautiful.

Karyn said...

Finally, a new post!

Going to the gym, are you? Good for you!

When are we getting together? I miss you.

Crap Room, eh? Out of the mouths of Babes. :)

The Joyful Artist said...

Great bag and lucky girl!!

Tay said...

That is a nice bag.