Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So Dawn hasn't posted another Joy Journal page yet, and my supplies I brought along couldn't be left to languish in their bag. I did a spread on the week here at Whistler. I used maps and stuff from around town, a tea bag of my favorite herbal tea, and a little photo of the town in full autumn colour.

We're off to Vancouver tomorrow. We hope the weather is a bit better than it has been here in Whistler as we plan to do Granville Island and Stanley Park. Even in the rain, I know it will be a fun experience.
I am having so much fun hanging out with my best friend. We love to spend time together, and it hasn't been easy making a way to do that.

Two more days, and we head home. I am looking forward to that too. I miss the other men in my life!


Kim Mailhot said...

What a gift to have this time together and what a gift to be so aware of how special it all is !

Thank you so much for the comments and time you have been spending visiting my blog even as you are enjoying your magical time. Your words mean so much to me...I am really, really touched by your caring.

You must let me know about your library project with the kids. I am looking for a similar opportunities in my neck of the woods. I would love to "chat" about how you made it happen for you !
Maybe we could exchange emails after you get back from you trip ?
I would love that !
In the mean time, enjoy, enjoy , enjoy to you and your BFF !

Dawn said...

I'm very impressed that you're journalling! Now I'm feeling the pressure to get another prompt up ASAP. Been busy with company here for the last few days; also the 12 Days of Christmas Swap needs tending too, too!

Vanessa said...

AHEM...what about missing the girls in your life??? (particularly a darling little redhead)

LaY hOoN said...

What a impressive journal page !! Do enjoy your trip.

Apron Thrift Girl said...

I love the idea of using what is around you to create your art. I saw in a magazine yesterday about making a light fixture out of wire and plastic hangers. I love this type of art. I'm glad you enjoyed your time up here. Vancouver is an amazing city.

arlene said...


My darling little red head and her mother are at the top of my list of why I can look forward to being home, even while enjoying my time away.

Maria said...

Your journal page is very nice!