Friday, September 05, 2008

Fun with Liam: Nutrional Nightmare

Monday was a holiday, and as the boys were gone to the lake in Saskatchewan, Daniel and I had the day to ourselves. We had no huge plans, so when Nialle called to see if we wanted a boy for the afternoon we jumped at the chance. It's not every day we get Liam all to ourselves with no uncles around to distract him!

Liam loves to play with trucks and the "dirty dirt".
Except when he says it, it sounds like "dooor-dy doort". He loves to have Grandpa play with him. There are lots of sound effects! Loud, doorty sound effects. And holes in the lawn, such as it is. Fortunately he also likes to drive them on the garage pad. I don't think he'll be doing any damage there!

Well, doing demolition, or construction, or up an appetite, so we went off (in "Grandma's car"...the van, which Liam LOVES!) to Wendy's for chicken.
Grandpa had the Baconater. Ya.
He hasn't got the results back from last weeks cholesterol test. So of course it follows that the bacon grease doesn't count, right?
We also ordered french fries, because as Liam well knows, they are not really bad for you, being just a vehicle for ketchup consumption. A very efficient vehicle. So the french fries don't count either. We won't talk about the ketchup.

We were too full for ice cream, and we had bigger and better plans. Grandpa went to Timmy's and bought me the biggest Ice Cap. But it was just the old original at a mere 500 calories, not that bad new Supreme at 640 calories. So I feel very virtuous. And pure. And I didn't drink it all! I only had a few sips. I couldn't pry it out of...uh...(Nessa? Are you reading this? Because if you are you might like to remain in a state of ignorant bliss about who exactly is the Ice Cap fiend in the family. But I threw it away when it was still over 1/2 full, OK? See. I am a responsible adult. You can trust me with your first born.)

Now we wanted to surprise Uncle Josh with a new bed while he was off in Saskatchewan, because I happened to go into his room the other day and his 5' almost 10 " frame was crammed into his bed and his neck was like this...."7". I swear, it was like a number seven! Kinked over because he's just too big for his old bed. Sleep Country was calling us.
Grandpa and Liam tried out every mattress in Sleep Country...and we were still out of there in about a half hour tops! We were a lean, mean, bed buying machine! They gave us a deal! They threw in free delivery and a new pair of pajamas and Mr Bean's Teddie! (Well, they would have if we hadn't accepted their surrender and left the store immediately, toddler in tow.)

Were we hungry yet? Did we need more sustenance? Of course not! So we went to the Marble Slab ice cream place. Have you ever seen a two year old get brain freeze from eating strawberry ice cream at Mach 1? It's really funny. Because they don't know what hit them, and they just pucker up and push away the rest of the ice cream and say "no, fank you", over and over while making a funny's great!

In fact being a Grandma is great. I love everything about it. Don't let any one tell you it's depressing, or that it makes you feel old. It keeps me young!

Although a sensible diet helps too.

*Note to self: Exercise common sense when dining with grand-babies...and grandpa's.

This is Liam on the drive home. He was what my Mom would call..."all in but his shoe laces."



Kim Mailhot said...

What a "Grand" day ! Liam is so cute ! I say leave his nutrition to his parents ! One day at play with his grandparents here and there won't damage it that much (will it ?). About your own nutrition though, I don't know???? But I am not the one to give anyone counsel on that ! I love the french fry as ketchup vehicle philosophy myself.;-)

Thanks for what you wrote on my "Periode Bleue" post. Your comments always make me smile. In my experience, that's the one good thing about the Blues (have had them a time or two, or three...). Like a bad headache, you really feel the relief when they are gone ! I will get there, this I know ! Too many sweet treats in life to enjoy !
Hugs !

arlene said...

You're right. And usually we do eat well. So my guilt is gone...poof! Thanks.
And yes, Blue happens, or we'd have nothing to compare the sunshine days to!
I won't recommend junk food to help though. Maybe a nice, fresh garden tomato with a bit of green, virgin olive oil and a grind of sea salt. mmmm That must be good for the soul!

Vanessa said...

He had most of your ice cap??? No wonder he was wanting my coffee yesterday morning. That stinker! And I suppose the occasional fry with some ketchup isn't so bad...after all I bake him a ridiculous amount of sweets at home, so if he likes ice cream, candy and coffee, it's only because I do too!

Maria said...

Really cute! He's a gem. About the food: if you're going to eat it, don't allow any guilt! :)


Karyn said...

Grandpa made a rule for our house....

"You can eat WHATEVER you want".

It works great when you have very picky grandchildren. And they love the rule! You want cereal for supper? No Problem. Let Mom and Dad fight with them to eat a balanced diet. We've been there, done that, got the tee shirt, earned our freedom.