Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Fine Day Out

All we need is some cheese Gromit!

We woke up this morning, and instead of the drizzle we were expecting, we saw the sun shining, lighting up the mountain in the most delightful way.

After a walk about the town, we headed out to Squamish for fish and chips. Fresh snapper and chips, delicious and piping hot, and a look around town.

We almost decided to head into Vancouver, but thought we'd save that for a full day. Besides, the sun was still shining so we turned around and headed back to Whistler and the Gondola.
What a view! We saw a bear below us at the 13th support. He was fat and unconcerned with all the mountain bikers swarming the mountain. There was snow at the summit; 7 1/2 inches of fresh powder overnight. The air was unbelievable crisp and fresh, and it was a chilly 1 degree C up there at 6000 feet .

Gorgeous! I want so badly to come back and ski this mountain with the boys! A year ago I didn't think I'd ever ski again, but as I feel better and better, it gives me hope that it can happen. I can do this!

I told you this was an inspiring place!


Karyn said...

Sounds and looks like you are having a good time!

You are gorgeous, BTW

Kim Mailhot said...

What breathtaking views ! You both look so relaxed and happy ! Memories for a life time...

Runs With Scissors said...

wow, that looks like fun!,
( and it was a *crisp* plus 1 here at 2,373 feet!)
well have a good time,

Vanessa said...

mmm, fish and chips! Sounds tasty. Looks like you have been having lots of fun!