Monday, November 09, 2009

A Shadow of a Thing

I love the way the low angle of the sun at this time of year extends shadows. I love how objects stretch and grow and reach.
Shadows are mysterious things, just think of Peter, and Wendy, trying to stitch his shadow back on.

On our holiday in September we spent a few glorious days with my cousin and her family in Vancouver, and traveling up the Sunshine Coast in their boat. We stayed at Secret Cove and I took this picture on the dock, against a neighbouring boat. It is of Josh and Levi's shadows, and it's all in good sibling rivalry going down.

Then I found this link tonight and all these amazing photos and I started thinking of how I can take more shadow pics.

Watch for them in the future.

Do you have any shadow pics? Would you leave a link in the comments to share?


Kim Mailhot said...

These are great !Love the boxing ! Art art every where !

Karyn said...

that link is great! thanks for sharing.