Monday, November 02, 2009

I'd wear it!

As seen on a T-shirt that I would actually wear:

"God said it.
I interpreted it as best I could in light of all the filters imposed by my upbringing and culture, which I try to control but you can never do a perfect job.
That doesn't exactly settle it
but it does give me enough of a platform to build my values and decisions on."


Kim Mailhot said...

that is one cool t-shirt. I would have a hard time with someone "reading" my significant chest as long as it would take to read the small print though ! :)
Besides,I think I would kinda like to see the shirt on that hunky guy instead of me anyway !
have a great week, beautiful Arlene!

arlene said...

hehe Yes it could cause some collisions if you wore it Kim! Maybe I should get one for MY hunky guy!

Karyn said...

very cerebral.

arlene said...

Yup. In an "I didn't check my brain at the door; nor do I personally claim to have all the answers" way, it is good to be cerebral.