Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How did that happen??

So I had a big day today. It started out especially well, as I could actually breath. I think that cold is gone. My home grown tomatoes have magical powers!

We had tickets for the Citadel to see The Drowsy Chaperone. We had to leave fairly early, by 10:30 am for the 12:00 matinee. But first I had something I wanted to check out. I had seen a sign for a job fair a few days ago, and I knew today was the last day, so I got up early enough to mozy over there before heading into the city. Who doesn't like a fair, right? I thought I'd wander in, mingle, get some mini- donuts, pick up an application form to peruse, and scoot out so I could think things through in the privacy of my own home. Alone. At my leisure.

You know these people called it a "fair" when really, that's false advertising. What kind of fair has no clowns, no cotton candy (or for that matter no food on a stick of any description), and no balloons. Also, no livestock or ferris wheels in the vicinity; I would bet in the entire county!

I was so disappointed that by the time I realized I was the only person there, (Duh! Hello...deep fryers.... you'd get a lot more people out!) I had a pen in my hand and was handing in a job application and being interviewed by a lady who claimed her name was "Arlene". Oh really?! Hmpff!

So I may have just accidentally got myself a job. A job that sounds kind of fun, (don't they all?) with a new company that is opening in Leduc, but seriously, do I really have time for this? On the other hand, I could start a holiday fund or get a new sewing machine. Hmmmm. My plan that backfired may actually turn into something useful.

In other news, today we also saw the play (awesome!), shopped for fabric from the seesters list ( much responsibility picking thread colours for someone else!), went to the bookstore, picked up Fran and saw a so-so movie.
Oh, plus I got hit by a car in a marked crosswalk. I was crossing 104th (monster intersection) with the light, and a car decided to turn right...into me. He bumped me and I fell into his car catching my balance, then he continued to drive, knocking me again. What? I banged on the hood with my hand as I tried to get my feet under me, and the guy looked through me, kept talking on his phone and barely waited for me to clear the front of his car before he burned off. I was shaken up but not hurt, and my heart was pounding as I tried to get across before the light changed, and I didn't even think to get his plate number. Sheesh.
First no Merry-Go Round, now this.

What a day. I tell ya', they are just packed. I seriously don't know how I'd fit a job into my schedule!


Anne said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Arlene! I hope you are okay and that the incident with Mr. King of Rudeness on the Phone in His Car Mowing Down Pedestrians didn't hurt you! Unbelievable!

Kim Mailhot said...

Holy Moly !!! When you go to town, you go to town !!!
First off, thank God you are oky after that bump and run ! Pretty scary world we live in when a phone call is more important than hitting a pedestrian ! My God !
Next, for the job...try it out. You can always quit is you don't really have the time. Unless it feels like it would steal even one moment of joy from your life. Then run from it, okay ?Life is just too damn short and precious to waste a minute doing something you hate unless you really, really have to.
Lastly, I am so glad that you had some fun entertainment in the midst of all that ! Your days sure are full ! ;)
Much love...Working on finishing the art journal tomorrow - I will use some Judy Wise techniques I learned at Squam to get it done - fun !!!

arlene said...

Thanks Anne and I am fine. Bruised pride is all.
Kim, I can't wait to see what you were inspired to do. Isn't a new technique the best?? It opens doors that were closed and just shines a little ray of sunshine into that part of our life. Thanks for the insight on the job are right and I am by no means about to jump into it.

Karyn said...

A job?! A JOB??!! When do have time for a job? LOL You are nothing if not unpredictable.

However....I have not known you to enjoy any job you've had since I've known you...except the volunteer ones. What is this mystery job that sounds like fun?

Curious minds want to know.

Anyway, I'm is hard enough to pin you down long enough to get a visit will we ever have time if you have a job where you have to be there?

I know, I know....I'm being totally selfish.

Truly, I hope you make the decision that is right for YOU and that you are happy with whatever that decision is.

But let me know, OK?

PS We missed you today at Bible Study....good talk based on ch 7. Hope you can come next time.

Dawn Supina said...

Arlene everything I've heard about The Drowsy Chaperone has been positive. Then again, most Citadel show are really good, aren't they? Are there any other ones this season you want to see?

Oh, and your faithful readers just wanna know about your potential employee discount at Giant Tiger heheee. I hope you get the job IF you really want it :)

arlene said...

Dawn, we are going to see all the shows on the mainstage series, except Sweeny Todd. It's not considered suitable as the stage show is a lot darker than the movie version. I have a certain individual in my house who REALLY wants to see it though...can you guess which one?

Karyn... I know!!! I don't know what I was thinking. *sigh* It seems impossible. (We still need to do lunch for your birthday, and I need to come out to meet that beautiful grandbaby!!)