Sunday, September 13, 2009

Frustration and how to beat it.

I had a wonderful day with my dear friend Linda today, just the two of us, celebrating her birthday. We had lunch at New Asian Village and the food was worth every calorie. I love Indian food!
It was such an inspiring and energizing meal that we decided we could overcome our dread and go on a field trip to THE MALL. (Duh Duh Duuuuh!)
Yes, eating all that delicious food must have diverted the blood flow away from my brain. After all, it is Saturday, and back-to-school shopping frenzy is still at high alert, which means a million and two teenagers looking for the perfect pair of $200 on sale jeans, not to mention the shoes to go with them.

I detest that place at the best of times, but the sun was shining, my defences were down due to my carb buzz, and Linda was SO looking forward to being Anthropologied for the very first time. It was inevitable, and we pulled into the parking lot just in time to snag the very last spot on the whole lot. Honest.

Anthropologie is an amazing place to visit,

and though it's very, very spendy, (I saw a box of 8 wax children's crayons for 8 dollars!)

it's a great place to get ideas.

The displays are fun and fresh, with lots of little things you could copy at home.

I think it's worth the trip to Place That Shall Not Again Be Named.

It's right next door to Winners (my kind of shopping) so after Linda scored a really great pair of pants (on serious mark-down to clear out at Antropologie...what a miracle...Well, it was her birthday!) we went there to look around for something to match at Winners. The lineups were even long for the change rooms. Sheesh. But Linda can wear anything and look fabulous, and she found what she was looking for.

Me...not so much.

I shopped at a bunch of stores, looking for some tops. I had only two criteria.
1) Not butt ugly
2) Not black

I am so sick of black clothes! Everything in my closet is either
1) butt ugly
2) black
3) butt ugly and black.

("Why, Why?" she cried, gnashing her teeth, which embarrassed Linda somewhat, but good friend that she is, she didn't drive away and leave me there. Also, I had the key to The Club).

Alas, everything I found was red, black, gross muddy teal or gross muddy purple.
Where have all the clear colours gone?
I do not heart muddy colours!

The bottom line is, I came home determined to make some clothes of my own. I have a couple of patterns I picked up on holidays. I LOVE Marcy Tilton! Her collection of patterns are unique and her designer notes are clear and concise. I am determined to work on a few basic patterns till I get the right fit (she has tons of tips). Then I can have anything my little heart desires...clear colours, blues to my hearts content, whatever strikes my fancy!

I don't have to suffer through the horrid mistakes of the fashion industry! (I can make my own horrid mistakes, thank you very much!) It pushes my buttons to know there is an evil plan to brainwash us all into believing we need to buy new "in-style" clothes for every season. I am never going to look or feel good in the colours that are the in colours this season. Why should I buy into that? Why can't I go DIY in this area of my life?

I'd rather learn by my own hand-made mistakes than accept the status quo.

Because you know what?

"The Status is NOT quo!!"

*photos here are of the Anthropologie on or near 5th ave in Seattle, WA, taken on our recent holiday. (I asked if I could take photos and was given permission to shoot). No photos taken in West Edmonton Mall Anthropologie.

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Karyn said...

I've noticed the colors this season are .... not really colors. it is as if they are TRYING to be colors but can't quite make it.

I'm with you on 'let's have some REAL color'.

You'll never catch me DIY when it comes to clothing (as you know) but I sure get frustrated trying to find clothing that is not butt ugly. Would it make a difference if I didn't need plus sizes? Cause whoever makes clothing for the plus size stores thinks that just because some of us are fat we also have NO TASTE!

And on a final note....YAY! someone else thinks Crocs should be limited to children. (as per the link) The only thing that is even close to crocs in ugliness are the aptly named Uggs. I wouldn't be caught dead in either - but don't tell my MIL...she loves her Crocs which are unbelievably even uglier than most because they are camoflague. Yes, my sweet MIL wears ugly plastic blocks that will make her feet seem to disappear as she walks through greyish greenish ground cover. She'd fit right in in LA!

Thanks for letting me join your rant.