Sunday, May 04, 2008

Makers who made my head spin

Art Car(Truck) with 3D flames and a garden growing in the box. Ooooh...Aaahhhh.

Silk screen guy at Swaparamarama. We got a guitar done on a cool shirt for Levi.

This girl had it good...she had this cool chair to cruise around Maker Faire in style. Yup. It is remote control and speeds right along. No sore tootsies for her!

Recognize the guy who has Levi by the neck? Yup, it's Adam Savage of Myth Busters. He's an amazing maker who builds models and all kinds of cool stuff. He started out building models out of paper when he was a kid, and was an artist who made sculptures before he got into movie sets and special effects. He's a really nice guy!! He makes altered books! (and he's actually signing Levi's T, not choking him).

These sculptures are made of metal cable over a pipe armature. The girl in the background is TALL, and her hair is made of chains that hang loosly down over her shoulder. They are beautiful.

This Art Car was so beyond belief! It is covered in antiqued ceiling tiles, metal embellishments of all sorts and even musical instruments.

Made by a guy known as "The Pen Guy", it's a "Mercedes Pens", covered in crayola markers that are attached with silicon. Fun, and all the kids loved it!


Anonymous said...
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Runs With Scissors said...

ah, it was SOOOOOOOOO much fun!,
and thats a really good picture of those huge sculptures...