Thursday, May 01, 2008

Global warming???

We drove 13 hours straight south yesterday, at lot of that at 75 MILES an hour at least...we arrived at Idaho Falls Idaho last night.

It was sunny when we arrived, thought there was some snow on the drive. We woke this morning to a blizzard.

We're driving to Reno tonight. Expecting better weather.


Karyn/Mom said...

you got that blizzard too? We made it to Rapid City, SD as the storm was starting. next day the interstate was shut down and no one could get out of the hotel parking lot. 14 inches of snow!
I take it there wasn't quite so much there?

Runs With Scissors said...

14 inches!!!? No, Pocatella got 5 inches and no one could stay on the road but the interstate was open. We were out of the snow within an hour of leaving Idaho Falls.

The weather here in San Fran is gorgeous...sunny, clear and a little breeze off the ocean to keep the smog away.

Maker Faire again tomorrow. It's unbelievable!