Monday, May 07, 2007

What did Robin and Jun get?

Ooooohhh, it's no-name Spam for Brit boy (they eat it there; even though it says RIGHT ON THE CAN, in the list of ingredients, that it contains cow hearts. Yum).
Robin got her all time favorite, dilled green bean pickles.


Karyn/Mom said...

Mmmmm....Spam - what a nice gift. I'd like to know, though, where you got Spam on such short notice. And with the roads being bad and all........Are you going to admit to having it on hand?

arlene said...

Are you kidding? Who do you think bought it for me??! Our Certain Generous Person (see... has a never ending bag of surprises ready to spring on us for no apparent reason. And she doesn't need a freak snow storm as an excuse.

But, I must admit, a Spam (or reasonable facsimile) sandwich with my Mom's homemade relish and homemade bread is a trip down memory lane that I need to take at least once a year, though I'd NEVER admit too it in public. So, sssshhhh...don't tell!

I think I should go pack right now!!

But I just noticed in the photo that Jun is actually holding up a pack of Quince jam...another Brit treat I believe...or so Santa thought.