Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Navel gazing and immature.....

but funny!

Janice (a Hutchy cousin) had this on her blog.

So, in case you want to play, google the phrase "arlene likes to" (though you would insert YOUR name instead of mine) in quotation marks.* A surprising amount of stuff pops up! Funny stuff.

Ya, kind of juvenile but I do get like that....

So, here's what "arlene likes to" do!

Arlene likes to sit by the door and watch us. ...
arlene likes to read books.
Arlene likes to spend her time sewing and reading.
Arlene likes to watch her "stories" ..
Arlene likes to do anything that has nothing to do with fitness, like hanging out with her husband, children and friends. ...
Arlene likes to Quip, "In the face of adversity, grate things happen!"
Arlene likes to garden in the nude.
Arlene likes to lend an ear.
Arlene likes to display an obnoxious tendency to make everybody else look uneducated next to her. And besides, she’s wrong. .
Arlene likes to keep some extra buck ready to use;
Arlene likes to entertain friends and. family,
Arlene likes to make this dip in advance in a plastic pie plate with a lid (like Tupperware®).
Arlene likes to live intensely
ARLENE likes to flirt too!!!
Arlene likes to travel
Arlene likes to think she's the better gardener. .

Some of these are me to a "T". LOL Which ones, you ask? You tell me. (NO, I do NOT garden in the nude! Sheesh! And a PLASTIC pie plate??? You gotta be kidding!)

So, go ahead and try it...I know you want to! Better yet, post it on your blog, and leave a comment here.

*Note...mine was OK, but maybe make sure you use a computer with a filter for icky stuff.

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Karyn/Mom said...

I had to laugh. some of them are definitely you - alot of them. The rest are the opposite.