Saturday, August 26, 2006

Career Move???

So, just in case the Toy Inventor thing doesn't work out, a Certain Generous Person we know is thinking ahead.
Because we're home-ed'ers, a lot of our friends and relatives like to buy us educational type toys for holidays, or even for no reason whatsoever. This item certainly falls into the latter category. Also into the "what-the-%@*#" category.
This is an actual transcript of the phone conversation with this *C.G.P.* calling from the mega-store:

Her: In an excited whisper in her thick eastern European accent, because someone might be listening in on her call from the courtesy phone and might be planning on busting her for what? Conspiracy to shop?:

"I find a beeuuuteefull game for boys. For only TEN dollars. I buy?"
Me: "What kind of game, they have a lot."
Her: "A beeuuuteefull game for poker".
Me: "Yah, we're not big on poker, so probably you don't want to buy it. But thank you! It is sweet of you to think of them."
Her: Oh, no! It's so cheap! They can learn?"
Me: "Well, no, thank you, but we just don't really feel that poker is a really important goal right now. You know, they're more into things like reading, and basketball, and doing art and things like that. But thank you!"
Her: But poker is very fun! People win BIG money on poker! They could learn and win BIG money on poker!"
Me: "Ya, so that probably won't happen though will it? Most people actually LOOSE money on poker."
Her: "No, no no! These boys very smart! They can win BIG money on poker! I buy!!"
Me: "Of course you will. Thank you so much."

We'd better watch Chevy Chase's "Vegas Vacation" again. Can you say "Griswold"?


Karyn/Mom said...

Now, who would that CGP be? Ya gotta love her. She thinks your boys are soooooo smart! They could win BIG! Especially if they leave their money in their pockets. LOL You managed to be very gracious. Have you thanked the Lord lately for putting this person in your life? She has certainly been one of those "iron sharpens iron" kind of people. :)

Dawn said...

What a timely blog. I read it just as I was trying to rack my brain as to why my niece and her fiance would EVER want to get married in Vegas!! There's only two possible explanations. 1. They don't want certain relatives to come to the wedding or 2. They're so smart. Heheheeee