Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook


We have not had this much snow since the year Josh was born in 1994. I don't think we had close to this much even that winter. The snow piles in the yard, where the boys are shoveling, are over my head! It is beautiful to look at but we have been stuck at home for a couple of weeks. The roads are treacherous.

I saw a link here to A Simple Woman's Daybook and thought I would play along.


Outside my window... the snow is piled higher than my head, there are deep shadows of blue and grey against the beautiful white drifts, and the trees are covered and drooping under the weight of the endless snow.

I am thinking... ~how much I wish Daniel would enjoy life and take that vacation with his Dad and brothers for his Dad's 80th birthday.

I am thankful for...the simplicity of my new living room decor.

I am wearing...new soft grey sweatpants, grey hoodie with purple trim, felted slippers made by Nessa. In a word...cozy.

I am remembering... doing projects in January. Pulling out the old journals and seeing what inspired me in years past.

I am going...to try to get out of the house this week and go to Edmonton.

I am currently reading... "The Golden Thread-A Reader's journey Through the Great Books" by Bruce Meyer

I am hoping... to get lots of studying in with the boys over the next few months.

On my mind...how good it feels as I de-clutter and let go of all the stuff that has been weighing me down.

Noticing that... it's easier to keep the house clean with less "stuff" in it.

Pondering these words..."Home is not just where the heart is...."..."it is also the center of perception, the force that shapes the soul of an individual and dictates the rules of how one should behave in the world." Bruce Meyer - from book I am reading (see above)

In the kitchen... Enjoying trying new recipes and planning ahead of time what I want to make for suppers.

Around the house... Still amazed at my new kitchen. I LOVE cooking on the gas stove!

One of my favorite things...getting a parcel delivered to my door. (today it's my New Directions essential oils).

From my picture journal...Zoot. He was digging at some styrofoam packaging and a piece stuck to his nose. He tried to ignore it as we all laughed hysterically.


Kim Mailhot said...

Oh, it feels good to get a little slice of Arlene's sweet life shared here ! Life sounds simply good, in spite of the snow piled so high and the occasional styrofoam on the nose. It warms my heart up to know this, Beautiful Wise One.
Huge hugs !

Karyn said...

love the quote! So true.

It is nice, isn't it, when you finally get rid of the things that are just 'there' with no purpose.

(And purpose can be as simple as it makes you smile or makes you remember a time or a person.)

I have found that letting go of those things that have just been there for so long you don't even see them is a wonderful feeling. Good for you!

I cannot wait for the snow to keeping us all in one place! My kids were going to come out yesterday but couldn't even get down the highway! Grrrr. And it didn't even snow yesterday - just was windy, blowing already fallen snow all over the roads.

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