Monday, September 20, 2010

Kitchen Floors!

Oh My! I love this. Dawn was doing some *ahem* Research and Development today and sent a link which led me to another blog and then to yet another blog and before I knew it I found this blog and this idea linked and I am loving it. I've seen it done a bit differently where you paint the lines on for the planks, but this looks so authentic and with not quite so much crawling around and trying to get the lines straight I'm thinking.
We are in the midst of considering a kitchen reno, and this is on the top of my list for things I want to do. I love it! I'd put on a few coats of poly-urethane because I am messy in the kitchen, and I think I'd be good to go.
As the Mr. makes plywood for a living, I'd say the chance of actually convincing him to do this is better than average!

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Karyn said...

That is very cool....but I'd add some pretty heavy duty lacquer or something to protect. I've seen how long paint lasts on plywood floors....NOT.