Sunday, February 22, 2009


I picked up a new Somerset publication on Thursday night after seeing a movie with the Mr. I didn't know the level of inspiration I would aspire too after flipping through it. It's so wonderful I actually had butterflies in my tummy thinking of all the possibilities! Apronology could become my new favorite topic of study!

I immediately decided to repurpose a few items in my stash. One was a shirt dress in linen with a blue flower pattern, one was a blue linen shirt, and one was a denim jacket with a gorgeous, wide, blue lace trim around the hem. I loved them all individually but never wore them, and together...serendipity! I worked on it from midnight to 2:30 am, thanks to the diet Coke I ingested at the movie. (Why don't they have a sugar-free, non-caffeinated beverage?? Hello!)

I am so very happy with the way the apron turned out. It has two large pockets on the front with another blue pocket that I removed intact from the blue shirt, on top of that. I trimmed the hem with lace and added some to the blue pocket as well.

This is just prep for the Mother-Of-All-Aprons Swap that I will be creating for come Mother's Day. I won't know what kind of apron will be appropriate till I find out my swap partner. (If you like swaps, love aprons, are Canadian, and want to play, contact Dawn at Art of Humungous Proportions.)

Whew! This is the first time I've blogged in what seems like months! I've been busy with many good things, which must use more of the left side of my brain. Blogging seems to use more of the right I guess...I've been involved in some great discussions and classes and reading that have been stretching me in other directions. This creative side is still here, waiting to take over again, but for now I'm studying, searching and questioning. It's a good thing, because I have two boys who are coming up to serious study time and they are enjoying keeping me on my toes! Homeschooling like we do, following our passions and not a curriculum, is rewarding and has it's own rhythms, and I plan on dancing to that beat as long as it takes.
So if I seem to have fallen off the face of the earth, don't worry. I'm still making my rounds in blog-land and filling up my creative tank by reading and enjoying all your beautiful posts!

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Kim Mailhot said...

Wow !!! This is a beautiful apron ! Very blue, for you, Miss Blue-Loving Arlene. I am a little intimidated now for our swap ! I have a good idea of what I want to do once I know a bit more about my partner but I don't know if it will turn out as lovely and detailed as this one !

Nice to have a blogland visit from you and I am glad you are keeping so well !
Lotsa Love,

Anne said...

Hi, Arlene! They do have caffiene-free diet coke and caffiene-free diet pepsi! They are in gold cans and can be found at most supermarkets! :-)

Maria said...

Blue is my fave color. You did a great job with that apron, burning the midnight oil and all. :)


Vanessa said...

Lovely apron, I see i have a lot to aspire to for this swap. And is that Levi modeling the apron? He looks great in it too!

arlene said...

Levi?? No! that wasn't Levi! It was person who was walking by on the street whom I lured in to try on the apron. Levi would NEVER appear in an apron! I promised him that would NEVER happen! Don't even mention such a thing!

And thank you for the comment...I do love the apron too. I'm just getting warmed up! Did you see the post on Canadian Valentine with the apron links? Great ideas there!

3:15 PM

Karyn said...

Gorgeous apron, YOU. I love it. Also, I'm in awe (as always) at how you can just 'whip something up' on a sewing machine. about you blog about some of that right brain stuff you're doing? Your thoughts are always as interesting as your art.

janet said...

Hello Arlene...I was in this magazine! I am the half hostess apron.."A Rose is a Rose" Everyone of the aprons was fabulous! Glad I found your blog ;-)
your friend...
Janet (the Apronologist)