Friday, January 02, 2009

Very Neglectful in the New Year

I know, I know. I got more great gifts I haven't posted, and fun stuff from Christmas. But there was a Champagne and OJ incident on Christmas day involving my camera and a 2 year old hyped up on Kinder Surprises and candy.

Nothing TOO serious at all...his parents made sure to jump in and safe the day and the electronics. Just a little sticky stuff in the lens that I want to make sure is completely dry. Then I'm sure I can wipe it with some alcohol (no, not more champagne!) and clean it up.
I have the batteries out and if I were more motivated and less slothful (does that happen to you after the frenzy of Christmas and New Years?) I'd get on that right now.

But I think I need to lie down and have a bon-bon. Did I mention it is -41 here today!!!!? (That is not factoring in the wind chill either, which is said to bring it down to -51. )
I cannot even comment on that. At least not in plain English. I'd have to resort to my second language, which I have not had too much practice in of late. (Yes, that would be profanity)

So stay warn, where ever you are, and for those in my 12 Days swap that I haven't yet showcased, please know that your gifts are so, so appreciated and loved, and much shown off, and I will post more about them in the near future.

Happy New Year everyone!


Karyn said...

Hey girl! I'm nice and warm in a motel room in Drayton...back to being a groupie or roadie or something for my man.

I'll be home tomorrow by noon - must take Bear to the vet.

We need to get together SOON! Santa left a few packages at our house for you! :)

Kim Mailhot said...

Happy New Year, Arlene ! Working my way out of the post Xmas -New Years fog too. I want to take the chance to wish you a new year full of creative time, as few worries as possible and as much ruckus laughter as you can handle !
All the best for 2009 ! Stay warm !!!

Dawn said...

Finally! You're back .. sorta. Looking forward to some some of your unsticky photos too!

Anne said...

I definitely need time at the end of the year to slow down, unwind, and prepare for the next. Wishing you and yours a prosperous New Year!

Maria said...

Wow, that's cold! You're doing well sitting inside eating bonbons! :)

creative sandwich's lovely proprietors said...

Hello, hello? Anyone there? Hello?

Randi Carr said...

How's the soaping going? I am hoping you will post pics... I love to see what my customers come up with!

aimee said...

what a fabulous book story! whenever i get to portland i am going to make a beeline for powell's books.