Thursday, December 28, 2006

The pen is prettier than the sword...

I have been soldering a lot...I made Christmas gifts, and a charm bracelet for myself from the fantastic directions on the "Simply Charming" blog. Ruth Rae shared such precise how-to's that I was able to put one together in an hour or so! Don't you LOVE talented, generous and gifted people? Thank you Ruth! (who has no idea who I am)

I also made a pen from the directions in Sally Jean's new book, which is so full of inspiration it makes my head spin!

Phapboy built a light box for small object photo-shoots and did some wonderful pictures for me. I think he did a marvelous job!

1 comment:

Ruth Rae said...

LOL... watch out!!!
I know who you are now! :)
I was having fun looking at your fun blog... only yo find a post about ME!

I am glad that you were able to make a most wonderful bracelet! I cant believe that you did it in rebar wire...ouch that must of hurt!!!

as for a book from me... well one just never knows...
I have a few things going on right now but they are still wraps for now :)

I do a lot of ATC trades over at fliker:

and there is one left in the set that you commented on over at my blog... once you see it in person there is not alot of mystery on how its done :) so if you want to trade just let me know.