Thursday, November 23, 2006

Why DO we want to be parents?

I was asked that question recently on a home education site I frequent. Here is my answer, though I didn't mention the obvious reason...we parent in order to become Grandparents of course!

Hi Emma,

You asked some thought provoking questions.

>>>This idea also brings to my mind the questions of why do I want to be a
parent? If it is to magnify my own glory, then raising a "difficult" child
would certainly burst that bubble. >>>

I think all children are "difficult". It might help to remember that raising a child, like getting or facilitating a
good education, is a very difficult thing to do, even in the best of
circumstances. It's not easy to be a parent, there are always issues and
difficulties, at every stage of development.
Why do it? Because we are made ( I believe) in God's image, and God is
love, so we have this huge capacity to love beyond any difficulty. We are
created to love. That is what any child needs, and the joy of sharing love
surpasses ANYTHING that happens along the way. We will deal with the
difficulties through loving. I don't believe any parent could imagine or
understand the depth of love that we are capable of until we hold a small
hand, and realize the sincerity of trust that a little person places in us.
I believe it causes us to rise to the occasion and emulate our heavenly
Father. It's just natural! The fact that a child is difficult does not
diminish that love.



Karyn/Mom said...

right on! great answer, Arlene! We were made to love because God is love and we are made in His image.

Here's another thought: It is only through parenting that we really learn the concept of sacrificial love and experience a tiny bit of the love of God that prompted Him to sacrifice His place in the Heavenlies, come to live as man, and then give His physical life on our behalf. (was that a run-on sentence? I'm out of breath)
Only through becoming a parent do you really step off the throne of self-centered-ness. (is that even a word?)

The Joyful Artist said...

I Love your answer Arlene.
Love is what makes life worth living and there is nothing like the love of a child.

Karyn I also like what you said about stepping off the throne of self-centeredness and I pray all parents can do it.
Hugs Cin