Sunday, October 15, 2006

Busy Learning

I have been enjoying learning alongside my boys. I have been so busy with that, that I haven't had much time for blogging! But I could combine the two! I could blog about our adventures in learning!
Here is my check list for the next few days ...

___ I made each of my kids laugh today.

___ I found a way to get one of my kids to say “That was so much fun!”

___ We read aloud and I heard the words I read, and noticed one great simile and one great word pair.

___ We followed one rabbit trail today (someone brought up a subject that made me stop what I was doing to go do a google search, to look for a movie or book on the topic, to talk about it and follow it up with a plan of some kind).

___ I hugged each of my kids.

___ I listened to one child tell me a long story about something important to him.

___ I learned how to do something today that one of my kids taught me.

___ I read a blog or book or magazine about relaxed schooling.

___ I didn’t do one thing that I hate to do.

___ I didn’t make my kids do _________ today.

___ I did one thing that made me supremely happy today.


Mike and Tor said...

Wow! Sounds awesome Arlene. Reading your blog and hearing how much fun you seem to have with your boys makes me excited to have kids.
....not anytime soon though - just to answer the question that I'm sure you're thinking. ;)

Karyn/Mom said...

great list! goals we should all have.

The Joyful Artist said...

Great for you Arlene